what the hell?!

from Vancouver Sun newspaper:

A coalition of prominent B.C. religious leaders has come out in full support of B.C.'s contentious Nisga'a treaty.

Anglican, Catholic, United, Baptist, Unitarian and Zoroastrian officials this week endorsed the general principles of the agreement with the federal and provincial governments, saying it is the "result of good faith negotiation."

strange? perhaps.

ctv, one of the few stations available to those without cable tv, has a habit of running highly popular programs for as little time as a few months. what is up with this? wouldn't it be logical to continue with a popular program? one of two things seem possible here:
a) the price of renewing popular programs is too much
b) ctv is receiving subsidies from the cable television industry. their mandate is to attract viewers to programs, remove the program from their schedule, and cause loyal viewers to these popular shows to subscribe to cable in order to continue to watch them

equally annoying is their pinballing of programs in their broadcast schedule, not advertising the changes (eg. nikita), and then pulling the show when it loses viewers. no wonder shows lose viewership, considering ctv's inept broadcast scheduling.

lucien bouchard: accuses charest of not being open to new ideas (ie. referendum)

jean charest: "(bouchard) is so entrenched in his own beliefs, his own vision, if you don't agree with him you're a dangerous person. i don't agree with that at all. i think he's treading on thin water."

cancontent: what the hell is "thin water?"

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