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from: anonymous chickenshit
(we received this one through the form on the main page.
whoever sent it used someone elses e-mail address)

fuck canada asshole!

now wasn't that an intelligent commentary on what we are doing here. normally we wouldn't comment on feedback since this isn't about us justifying ourselves. however since this comment is quite strange, it needs further investigation.

what is the motivation here? perhaps this is an attempt at hurting our feelings. yes, it's true, after we all wept bitter tears towards this message in neanderthalish, we had group hugs and went for coffee in order to reaffirm our sense of being.

this attack at canada is supposed to draw forth some hidden and mystical nationalistic fervor which would invariably make anyone who read such harsh sentiments to go on a beer swilling binge towards madness.

also, unfortunately, are not of such mettle as to go forth and hunt down yonder semi-illiterate and smote thee unto the ground.

ah, enough bullshit. in all honesty we felt a bit hurt when reading "fuck canada asshole" not because it hurt our national pride, but rather because it had the unsavoury taste of a personal assault. in retrospect though, this comment is great. it makes us think about nationalism, and the lack of it we here at canadian content have.

all of this is an exploration of who we are, and what we care about. personally, i think nationalism is a dangerous thing. yet it's some of the values we share as a people which are fascinating. and our health and e.i. systems aren't too shabby either.

maybe our foul mouthed critic was simply jealous; canada is a pretty good country, give or take some crap. overall, though, any country in which you don't fear a sudden and militant rise of the right-wing is a good one.

what have we truly learned? none of us here at cancontent is half the wo/man it would take to "fuck canada." (especially the big cold bits up north- ed.)

we promise we won't be like this with letters, no matter how scathing or critical, as long as they are even mildly constructive. sentence fragment profanities do not qualify.

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