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by james hörner

many of us remember the zany and sometimes filthy (in a good wholesome sort of way) antics of Ren and Stimpy. their canuck creator John Kricfalusi along with Jim Smith and a crew of folks have now brought us! what's more fun than cartoons? visit Spumco and check out the several installments of their online cartoon - The Goddamn George Liquor Program. the beauty of the internet is that they can now say and do as they please, creating adult aimed cartoons which don't pull their punches. as well, they put up articles related to cartoons, video footage of some of the many commercials and rock videos they've been involved with, and much more. find out about the recent Ranger Smith episode they did for the cartoon network.

at Spumco you can count on ultimate fighting propaganda (George and Jim's favourite cable program), and tons of images from their comic books. Spumco is a veritable treasure trove of fun stuff to see.

like i said before, these cartoons (like cartoons originally were) are adult oriented. in an era where we have the big D and the mouse bastardizing every classic as well as providing their own perverted history of the world, it is refreshing to watch the bile filled George Liquor and his nephew Jimmy the Idiot Boy in their antics.

visit Spumco and laugh yer butt off. and if you happened to tape the Ranger Smith special please send me a copy!

james hörner wishes he lived in a Kricfalusi cartoon.
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