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what a month! the aftermath of the chinese migrants is still working its way into the media. in prince george, b.c. you've got some ex-school teacher "heritage front" member (fired for being a member of that racist organization) trying to rally against the migrants currently held in prince george. about half the group who showed up for the meeting happen to disagree with his racist views. now that's democracy in action.

as for the boats themselves, it's funny how when the media gets latched on to a story it takes on pit-bull qualities. sure it's news. and so are the other zillion boats that show up on north american shores every year. it's nothing new, the coast-guards said. so why must the media keep gnawing on this one? because it brings out the worst in canadians. people you once thought pretty liberal are suddenly barking about how we should kick them right back to china. no one ever stops to think of why people might be leaving china in droves. hmm... could it be the political oppression and the lack of economic and social opportunity? maybe it's that one child policy? what's also interesting to note is that many of these migrants don't even want to be in canada anyway - many are on their way across the border to take up residence in cities like new york. with the recent lack of tolerance canadians have been showing moving to new york doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

pumpkin elsewhere in the province you've got parents flipping out about halloween and the sort of damage it's doing to kids. how about christmas? nothing's more damaging or scary than having to sit on some fat bastard's knee. give me witches, demons, devils, ghosts, ghouls, and anything else nasty and/or decapitated than you can find, any day.

to be fair, halloween is a scary and gruesome holiday. but there are also a lot of kids that dress up like cartoon figures and other benign creatures. perhaps schools need to impose a blood-to-costume ratio to ensure things don't get carried away.

maybe we should be worrying a bit more about going trick-or-treating with our kids and turning it into a family event. that way we both ensure everyone's safety and can spot-check for wackos putting razor blades in apples. now THAT'S scary.

and then there's Nadia Hama who's been dragged through the media mud from day one. before the police had uttered a word she had the cameras hunting her down and microphones crammed up her nose. what did she do? it's not clear she's done anything yet. however, she is under investigation for possibly having thrown her baby off the capilano suspension bridge in north vancouver. the problem with this one is that the media has done everything to paint her guilty. check out this canadian press quote from sept 30th:
Hama, who has not commented publicly on the case, was met Wednesday by a group of reporters as she drove her metallic beige Mercedes to the front entrance of her upscale west-side condominium in an area known as Fairview Slopes

Hama, 37, was blaring upbeat music from her car stereo, was well-dressed, and appeared relaxed at first, making no effort to evade reporters."

what does this say to us? she's a rich, heartless psycho who undoubtedly punted her kid off the bridge? much of this detail is completely unnecessary to the story. they seem to be turning it into a class issue - as though her wealth is enough for us to hate her for. what's next, publishing her telephone number and the address of the gym she goes to, and what hours she'll be there?

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