By Justin Hummel

Daniel is a 17 yr old graduate living at home
Ben is a 19 yr old living at home, 1st year college
Sandra is a middle age mystery woman
Nick - 16 yr old grade 12 student.

what do you suppose is the gay population of canada (percentage)?

Daniel - 15%
Ben - 15-20% "it's getting pretty gay- just look at electric circus"
Nick - 20%

do you believe that aliens planted humans on earth as a breeding experiment?

Daniel - "cows are smarter than they look. no, i believe god created man"
Ben - "i believe in other civilizations in outer space. it's possible."
Nick - "no. i believe that the entire universe is nothing. the world works on nothing but needs everything."
Sandra - "it's possible, but i stick with the old school thought of creation. but i'm open to new ideas."

what is your view on politics?

Ben - "i believe that politics have too much power and influence over people. terrorism is irreversible due to subservient people in society."
Dan - "politics possibly have too much power."

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