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ezines for youth

by james hörner

there are many ezines out there with the aim of getting youth writing and publishing. we will look at two canadian ones.

Young People's Press Online
"Young People's Press is a national news service for youth. We have published youth writing in over 200 newspapers & contribute to a weekly section in Canada's largest daily, The Toronto Star. YPP accepts non-fiction submissions from youth 14-24."

although their site is "partially funded through a grant from Levi Strauss & Co. (Canada) Inc." it does not look corporate or ad-mad at all. the site is cleanly laid out and easy to navigate. there is a bunch of stuff archived so you can get an idea what sort of material they expect. there is also a section on helping you develop your writing. the articles are on various topics, and generally look interesting. quirky little illustrations by Brian McLachlan, a.k.a. The Adept, liven the site up throughout.

Spank! Youth Culture Online
"Focusing on youth issues, interests, and happenings, Spank! is published monthly (with daily updates) on the internet, for readers across North America - and around the world!

"Spank!s exciting format contains coverage of entertainment, recreation, fashion, education, employment, and pop culture! Unlike existing publications (in any media), Spank! relies on an Editorial Board comprised of volunteers from 14 to 28 and publishing professionals to ensure it remains focused on youth interests."

Spank! is somewhat more commercial, and would have tons of advertising if they could get it. they provide a helping of articles and reviews by youth, and have many forums for users to spout off in. a good place for youth to relax and find out what other pop-culture minded kids are into. the design is slick and bright, and the main page always has a witty cartoon each month.

james hörner co-edits canadian content and won't be a youth ever again.
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