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kraft dinner blues

eating kraft dinner again, eh? blah.

whether its noodles and cheese in a box or ichiban in a bag, the instant food of choice by university students is hardly what you would call healthy.

take kraft dinner, for instance. what could you do to make sure you're actually eating something nutritious? how about chopping up some broccoli or carrots? pick a vegetable, hack it up, and toss it in the mix.

same thing goes with ichiban or any other noodle stuff.

another variation for ichiban would be to boil the noodles, but instead of adding the mysterious flavour packet to the water, drain the water and fry the noodles up. add the flavouring and some vegetables to this. eventually dispense with the flavouring and try out some other spices. the grocery store has tons of different sauces, some of which are bound to be healthier than the little bundle of sodium they give you.

if it seems like too much effort to wash and chop up veggies then buy them pre-cut. if you're really that lazy then you probably won't mind spending a bit extra to get a bag of miscellaneous chopped vegetables. at least this way you'll eat them!

eventually you'll take the next step and buy dry noodles of some sort and try making your own cheese and tomato sauces. one step at a time.

the main thing to keep in mind is that a poor diet will result in you feeling like crap all the time. if you're not in a good state of mind you're not going to do well in your classes. eat well and maybe it'll help you do well.

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