Rocky Mountain-Holiday

by Dan Lukiv

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Wiper blades lop off

An AM-sad song
Becomes squelch.

"Are you deaf?" she says.

Headlight beams
Blind them.

Rocky Mountain-teeth
Saw ice-wind
That rocks the pick up.

He flicks the wiper-switch
To "high";
The blades leap into a useless

A road-sign glows:
"Banff 80 km".

"I can't stand the squelch," she says.
He says, "Neither can I"
And turns off
The radio.

She adds, "This is dangerous"
Above the "wop-wop" of the blades.

But he just watches
Two more beams
Scatter across the
Wet windshield.

Dan Lukiv is a poet, novelist, short story writer, article writer, editor, teacher, husband, and father of four girls. His life is full of a lot of hair spray.