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by james hörner

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pub: broadview press
Power and Betrayal in the Canadian Media - David Taras

whether you're fresh to ideas regarding the media in canada, or whether it is something you follow closely, you'll probably want to pick up David Taras' new book. although it opens with a general examination of the state of media, it delves into the problem as it exists in canada quite extensively, questioning deeply issues regarding the cbc, ctv, and broadcasting in canada in general.

by examining everything from the effects of the hundred-plus channel universe on us, to looking at the media coverage during our national unity crisis, to looking at how the media in canada has become noticeably right-wing, taras gives a wide examination both of what the media does for us and does to us.

Power and Betrayal really makes you wonder how things have gotten so far out of control, with the public acting as little more than pawns in the game of national and global media domination. Taras examines such things as the enormous holdings some multinational giants such as disney have, as well as looking at the more local example of conrad black and his head-lock on the canadian media.

what role do we, the historically passive viewers, play in this game? by reading Taras' book we can begin to understand exactly how it is we are being controlled and manipulated, and from there make more careful decisions about what we read, watch, and listen to. in the media war it is us, the financial supporters of these companies, who run the risk of being the casualties.

james hörner co-edits canadian content and plans to be a media mogul when he grows up.
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