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Re: YOA Reforms

*** "It seems as though these provisions are trying to promote "prevention" of youth through scare tactics (ie: harsher sentences and getting names published)... We have to remember that all in all these are children that we are talking about." ...

"Another problem is with the publication of the names of young offenders. The function of this may be as a scare tactic, again, but the results of this can stigmatize the youths as "criminals." This labelling does little to encourage youth to change their ways once they are labelled." ***

Hmmm... maybe we should remember that these "children" are criminals! These tougher sentances only apply to those young CRIMINALS who commit MURDER, RAPE, ETC. I don't care if you're 13 or 30... when you kill someone, you kill someone. At that point you lose any trust and respect that you ever deserved from society.

After being raped at the age of 13... I suddenly stopped caring if such criminals "changed their ways". Sorry.

Someone gave a 17 year old a second chance...I certaintly don't think I can get a second chance at virginity. Will you tell me I can get a second chance at a happy adolescence?

Do victims of murders get a second chance to live?
Do the families of victims get another chance to see their loved ones? Do mothers get another chance to tell their sons "I love you."?

Forgiveness is certainly divine... but remember:

Hurt me once, shame on you.
Hurt me twice, shame on me.



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