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An impressive collection of tid-bits. I especially enjoyed the selections about teaching, probably because I am a teacher myself. Munsch seems to feel he had better things to do than to seriously answer the interview, at least he answered it, sort of. Perhaps one should have asked him why he doesn't have time to answer questions from interested parties? One criticism about the week's "Poll": education is not about preparing people for the job market.

Also enjoyed the poetry.

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Thanks Iram for the time and effort you put into this article. It was reassuring to note that teachers' concerns across the country, in a large measure, seem to reflect my own. Whatever the public perception of our profession, our primary focus is indeed the well being of our students.

Elizabeth Martel

AAAACK!!! It's not enough that I hear this kind of crap from my red-necked family, but I also have to see it here! The gun law might not be good for the men in the country, but a majority of the women in Canada believe it's a good thing cuz when it comes right down to it, guns are Bad!

Bernadette L. Wagner

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