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statistics Canada found, in a 1997 study, that teachers already work the most unpaid overtime of any occupation in Canada. Here are some of the things that they do:

  • offering students extra help with homework

  • researching (in library or on internet)

  • planning and revising lessons

  • implementing secondary reform

  • organizing assemblies, trips and speakers

  • consulting with support agencies

  • contacting parents

  • marking assignments and recording marks

  • preparing work for absent students

  • running sports teams, intramurals and clubs

  • chaperoning events
  • working with community/ parent councils

  • preparing equipment and lab materials

  • tidying up the classroom

  • tidying up other rooms of the school (ie: computer lab, storage rooms, etc.)

  • organizing homeroom activities

  • meeting with colleagues

  • professional development: taking or teaching workshops, seminars, &/or courses

  • ordering and distributing class materials

  • updating course outlines

  • working with younger teachers

  • helping students with independent study projects

  • fundraising

  • counselling students with personal problems

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