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chatelaine has a new look now. They have launched a much different magazine than they have in the past. Many of us know it to be the magazine of the working, middle-aged, power-mom. Now it is hip where it was once hip-replacement, sexy where it was once professionally sterile, and glue-bound where it was once stapled.

The photography is spiffier, and the layout more cluttered and colourful, which ultimately leads to it looking like one big advertisement.

Instead of imitating truly stylish and beautifully designed magazines like Wallpaper, which it appears to be doing, it looks like a cheap ploy at getting at that there younger demographic.

Look out world- Chatelaine isn't for grandma anymore!

who said cigarette advertising in newspapers was wrong? It looks like it has found a new means of springing up, in the guise of handy, dandy, public-service announcments. Or is it merely pro-tobacco company propoganda?

In a full-page ad, "Canada's Major Tobacco Manufacturers" including Rothmans, Benson & Hedges Inc., RJR-MacDonald Inc., and Imperial Tobacco Limited, made a plea to the public to help stop the big, nasty government from taking so much in taxes because the big, nasty government was hurting them so much.

Their plea, outlined in the bottom half of the ad, whines about "government price controls" (because licensing fee tobacco manufacturers are charged cannot be included in product prices), and talks about how one in five cigarettes consumed in the province is contraband. The contraband bit is hilarious considering how CBC recently exposed cigarette companies helping to smuggle Canadian cigs. shipped to the U.S. back into Canada (from the U.S.).

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