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Dave David A. Thompson

  • President and Chief Executive Officer Cominco Ltd, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Senior Vice President Teck Corp.

Education: B.Sc. (Economics)

History: Mr. Thompson served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Teck Corporation from 1980 to 1994, and continues as Senior Vice President. He joined the Board in 1980.

Salary: $595,075

Current Problem: Highland Valley Copper mine, which is primarily owned by Cominco, is laying off over 900 employees indefinitely. The mine, located in Logan Lake, B.C., is in threat of killing the town due to relocation of workers to new jobs elsewhere.

Business As Usual: For the Teck Corporation he's on the Board of Directors, he's an Executive Committee, and Senior Vice President. Teck is the largest (35%) shareholder in Cominco Ltd, with 28.9 million shares.

"Teck holds 28.9 million shares (34%) of Cominco Ltd. and is the largest shareholder in the company. The shares had a quoted market value of $1 billion as at the year end, up from $808 million a year ago. Cominco is the world's largest zinc concentrate producer with its Red Dog, Sullivan and Polaris mines, and the third largest refined zinc producer, with its Trail zinc and lead smelters and its Cajamarquilla zinc refinery in Peru. As well, Cominco is a major copper producer through its 50% interest in Highland Valley Copper in B.C. [see 'current situation'] and its 47.25% interest in the Quebrada Blanca mine in Chile."

Contact: Teck Corporation Suite 600-200 Burrard Street Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6C 3L9

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