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what the hell?!

some vancouver teens received a traffic ticket at about eight at night for celebrating canada day. actually what they reportedly got the ticket for was that "The teens waved two large Canadian flags out the window while Superle honked his horn periodically and the teens yelled "Happy Canada Day" out the window."

the officer gave them a ticket for excessive honking and told them to put their flags in the trunk, along with a number of small paper flags they had on the floor of the car.

jeff superle, the 17 year old nailed with the $75 ticket, says he was just being patriotic.

this runs completely against what heritage minister sheila copps said in march 1996: "It's our right and duty as Canadians to fly our flag,"

is a commentary even needed on this piece of stupidity?

the cbc is now looking at having to put a little logo with the word "canada" in it on their broadcasts, as well as everything else. critics say this makes it look like the cbc is just becomming another wing of the government, and others also criticize it by saying that it will make the cbc look like state run television.

logo suggestions anyone?

  • how about a hand reaching out for spare change, considering drastic cuts to the cbc?
  • how about a big question mark for those of us who can't keep up with cbc tv's insane scheduling, rescheduling, descheduling, unscheduling, antischeduling.
  • how many votes do i hear for a logo in the shape of a steaming pile of crap, since that's what the government is obviously determined to do with stations, both radio and tv, that have had some fine programming.

here are a few other suggestions:

new cbc logo? new cbc logo? new cbc logo?
new cbc logo?