what the hell?!

alexei yashin takes back his $1 million gift to the national arts Centre- actually $800,000 is all he can get back since the first installment was already paid.

why?- yashin wanted the nac to give his parents $85,000 a year, for five years, for unspecified services.

over 5 years $425,000 would be paid to his parents- almost half his donation.

and for once it seemed sports players were doing something decent with their bloated salaries...

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bear cartoon egomaniacal, american, one-hit-wonder ("cat scratch fever") ted nugent is so mad at ontario's decision to ban its spring bear hunt that he's organizing a u.s. boycott of canadian tourism. nugent is an outspoken hunting and pro-gun crusader who lives in michigan, and says he wants canada to pay for what he calls the province's "tomfoolery."

"I am going to shut off the flow of American dollars into Canada, not just for bear hunting, for anything, and I can do it," said nugent, who thinks the ban will bring a surplus of bears.

ontario's natural resources minister john snobelen announced last week he was banning the spring hunt because it resulted in too many orphaned cubs.

nugent said the ban "only helps the touchy-feely fantasy of a bunch of people who would ban you and I from ever wearing leather or having a steak."

labatt breweries is being forced to take an itty bitty snowboarding sasquatch off it's kokanee beer cans by the B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch.

other breweries were angry because they had been told they weren't allowed to use snowboarding images on their product because snowboarding is an activity "established in the under-age culture."

what kind of crap is that? a)lots of people of all age brackets snowboard now, and b)young kids shouldn't even be looking at a beer can ,by law, anyways. a stupid snowboarding sasquatch seems unlikely to make them think "hmm, boy is that snowboarding thing on that beer can cool. man, i think i'm going to start drinking."

the vancouver police board decided to take no action against its chief constable who was stopped for drinking and driving. police chief bruce chambers was issued a verbal warning and asked to park his car for the night by coquitlam rcmp when he was stopped in a roadblock and blew into a roadside alcohol-detection device last october. chambers said he had had three glasses of wine at a dinner and "was shocked that the amount of wine involved over the period of time was sufficient to produce the warning on the roadside screening device." the truth being, chambers blew a "warning" on the breath test. this was not enought to indicate he was drunk.

drinking police chief "The matter is closed," said mayor philip owen, the chairman of the police board, "He was not charged, he wasn't actually suspended -- the election was to leave the car and walk home, so the matter is closed as far as the board is concerned."

some comments by Chambers:

"I certainly made an error in judgment," he said.

"Certainly if I was concerned I wouldn't have gotten behind the wheel of a car," he said.

chambers also said he didn't think there was anything wrong with him appearing in series of counterattack drinking-driving ads that ran in the the province and the vancouver sun in december -- after he was caught. "The heading, 'I don't know where the roadblocks are,' was a very good one, because that was exactly the case," he said.

in total, 1,400 hundred cars had been stopped due to roadchecks- some people just don't have any luck. or is that brains???

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