Colloidal Silver vs Pharmaceutical Antibiotics

by Pamela Buttazzoni

today I would like to talk about the benefits of Colloidal Silver vs Pharmaceutical Antibiotics (a special thanks to Laurie Mckenzie for looking up this information)


Antibiotics are becoming less effective as resistance to them grows. The Los Angeles Times states: "But in the last decade, a broad resistance to Antibiotics has begun to emerge. And because bacteria can transfer genes among themselves, experts only expect the resistance to grow. The potential nightmare is an Andromeda strain, a supermicrobe immune to all Antibiotics that could wreak havoc." ("Arsenal of Antibiotics Failing as Resistance Bacteria Develop." October 23, 1994.)

      Colloidal Silver now comes to the rescue. Microorganisms depend on a specific enzyme to breathe. Colloidal Silver is a catalyst that disables these enzymes, and as a result they die. An ordinary Antibiotic kills perhaps a half dozen different disease organisms, but Colloidal Silver is known to be successful against more than 650 illness causing microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi). Colloidal Silver can be taken indefinitely because the body does not develop a tolerance to it.

Therapeutic Value of Colloidal Silver

      Medical tests indicate no known adverse effects from the use of properly prepared Colloidal Silver, and there has never been a recorded case of drug interaction with any other medication. The body does not develop a tolerance to Colloidal Silver and no allergic reaction has even been recorded. Colloidal Silver is extremely effective in the topical treatment of major burns.

      The body has an innate ability to rejuvenate and restore itself to optimum health. When take daily, Colloidal Silver acts as a second line of defense to assist your own immune system by helping the body fight against and become less susceptible to harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and more than 650 know diseases.

      Research indicates the following among the diseases, which Colloidal Silver has successfully controlled:
Acne Allergies Athletes Foot
Bladder Inflammation Blood Parasites Boils
Burns Candida Chronic Fatigue
Colds/Flu Cancer Conjunctivitis
Fibrositis Leprosy Neurasthenia
Pneumonia Pruritis Ani Seborrhea
Staph Infection Trench foot Whooping Cough
Colitis Diarrhea Eczema
Gastritis Herpes Virus Indigestion
Lupus Malaria Parasitic Infections
Blood Poisoning Dermatitis Impetigo
Phemphagitis Pleurisy Prostate
Furulen Ophthalmic Septicemia Toxemia
Tuberculosis Ear Infections Rheumatoid Arthritis
Rheumatism Ringworm Scarlet fever
Shingles Strep infections Syphilis
Tonsillitis Viral stomach, ulcer Yeast infections
Canine parvovirus Diabetes Keratitis
Meningitis Gonorrheal Herpes Psoriasis
Rosacea Skin Cancer Trachoma
Virus Warts, all forms Eye Infections  

Important Notice: No claims are made as to any specific benefits resulting from the use of Colloidal Silver. Information conveyed herein is based on records and research for your information only and is not meant to imply that you will experience similar benefits or results. We are NOT licensed medical practitioners and are prohibited by law from diagnosing or prescribing anything. Our information is for educational purposes only. No statement should be taken as medical advice.

Pamela Buttazzoni is the owner of Buttazzoni Vitamins & Herbal Remedies.
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