what the hell?!

december 25th and the employees at video update and blockbuster video are working away. were the christmas day workers doing so because they wanted the extra cash? "no, everyone has to work today," a video update worker said, "except the manager. go figure.".

from statscan:

In 1997, Canadians wagered $6.8 billion on some form of government-run gambling activity, 2.5 times the $2.7 billion in 1992. Casinos and VLTs represented just 10% of all government gambling revenue in 1992. But by 1997, they accounted for a full 59%.
sure it creates employment, but it also creates poverty and broken homes. when will the gov't take on some social responsibility instead of squeezing money out of us to fund the social programs they were unable to run with the tax money we already paid?

B.C. Hydro is selling power to Washington State smelter Intalco for less than 2.6 cents per kilowatt, compared with the 3.4 cents to B.C. companies.

what the hell is bc hydro doing selling power to the u.s. companies cheaper than it's selling to it's own country's struggling industry? with copper mines and other industries struggling, any help would be good.

talking to macleans magazine, prime minister chrétien says of 24 sussex drive:

"Yeah, it's a good subsidized housing unit."

pierced hoses, broken oxygen masks, damaged trucks and smashed computers and communication equipment.

how about those wacky montreal firefighters who think that they will get some good support for their labour dispute (they signed a new contract in april, but say they lack proper equipment) by trashing and sabotaging their own equipment (union guy gaston fauvel says they haven't put anyone in danger). yeah, i'll bet montrealers are really thinking 'poor firemen.' more like 'if MY house goes up in flames while those idiots are screwing around...'

and not to be left out by all the positivity that the media suddenly pulls from its hat around the christmas season:

a surrey, b.c. homeless shelter that was being shut down found a way around the zoning problems by offering themselves as a 'meditation and relaxation' centre.

so now the homeless can go there and 'meditate' all night long.

hats off to them for their brilliance in getting around the rules.

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