An Interview With Justin Hummel

by Justin Hummel

The following dialogue was taken from a recording of an interview with writer Justin Hummel in the Fall of 1998.

On Education?

Yes your views on education.

Well, I suppose if I were to discuss my views on education I would have to speak about when I was introduced to it's true meaning.

Well please, speak on it

Alright. I truly grasped the importance of education after my graduation from high school. During that summer I noticed there was a definite difference between those that were educated and those that were not.

And what was that?

It was that educated people were content with their surroundings. By this I did not mean that they enjoyed their surroundings, but that they were fully conscious of how they came to be in those surroundings.

You have to be more clear, I'm afraid.

Ok. I'll say straight out the importance of education.

That would be perfect!

An education teaches a person how to be productive, act socially, and convey ideas, etc.., making them a more usefull member of the human race. One thing people should know, however, is that an education is not learned, but lived. You have to allow yourself to be immersed in knowledge to be fully educated.

Do you consider yourself to have an adequate education, Mr. Hummel?

To answer that question would be equivalent to answering the meaning of life; so I will have to say no, and that I hope I never feel that I have.

I'm confused now.


Well, how can anyone ever have an adequate education if it can never be attained?

You have just answered yourself, my friend.

I have?

Indeed. An adequate education comes when one is able to confront that education is endless.

Sounds a little philisophical to me.


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