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zine review by Chris Blank: Notes From the Dump

terry ward pens humorous rants against everything established with his Notes From the Dump zine.

      What is in it you ask? Filled with political rants and social commentary like the following:

most Americans stand behind the decision to bomb innocent people in Baghdad! - which is pure concocted bullshit - reflecting a CNN poll of 583 people. Jesus Christ, is there no moral standard in The Media...a rhetorical question, I know.
Apparently Terry has been pouring his opinions onto the page for thirteen years, every other saturday. His comments are quick and nasty, and if the online version (which has samples of each issue) is any indicator then this is a zine worth subscribing to as a remedy to your usual newspaper op-eds. At twenty bucks a year this is a steal.

Also online are samples of his paintings. Although he's not going to get shown in any huge galleries it's not bad stuff.

Plus, if you are into motorcycles Terry has a gallery of photos of what are presumably from his own collection.

Want to know more?
visit his website
Contact: Terry Ward
Box 1005, Lempster, NH 03605
603) 863-2848

Chris Blank is a Vancouver, B.C. based minimum-wage slave.
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