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what a month!

most of us are probably still reeling, dizzy from the hectic pace of visiting and binging on food and drink this holiday season.

this month's issue is a little more heady than usual, with a few well-thought essays to get your noggin back into shape. maybe this is just more obvious than most months since we didn't receive the usual mailbox full of rants and vitriol. what's wrong canada? have nothing to complain about or criticize? we hope you made a new year's resolution to send us more of your thoughts and rants, eh?

on a up-note we do have a new monthly feature, in addition to these editorial ramblings. now you can get all of life's troubling questions answered by the beaver. he's there to make sure life runs a little smoother for all canadians (and maybe even some non-canadians). go ahead, tell him your troubles.

remember: although the month for giving is officially over, you can still go drop off some canned goods at your local food bank. winter is a cold month and a good time to give a little help to those who need it.

the editors
james hörner and Iram Khan

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