Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

The Association of Gypsies/Romani International, Inc.
"has as its goals the giving of "glory to GOD, [and] of preserving, maintaining, promoting our Gypsy race, culture, ethnicity, pride and integrity."

"Gypsy Collections at the University of Liverpool" (UK)

Barbara Haynes, "Roma, Romani, Gypsies, Travelers, Forced Migrants"

The Patrin
is a "learning resource and information center about Romani culture and social issues of today Patrin

They have an extensive series of essays on the Nazi Holocaust at:

Tom Giles, "Gypsies: Tramps and Thieves?", School of International & Public Affairs. An article at:

Ian Hancoc, "Roma: Genocide of [sic] in the Holocaust". A brief excerpt appears in:

The Romani Rights Web
is billed as "a compendium of Gypsy resources on the Internet"

Diane Huie Balay of the United Methodist Committee on Relief describes the plight of the Roma in Romania at:

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