Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

Many Humanists contribute to the Atheist, freethinker and secular WWW sites. Some uniquely Humanist resources are:

Humanist Association of Canada
Publish a magazine "Humanist in Canada". Have local groups existing or starting up coast to coast in major cities.

The American Humanist Association has a home page which includes FAQ, a list of Presidents of the AHA, essays, songs, and a selection of procedures for special life occasions, such as child dedication, weddings, and funerals.

The "International Humanist and Ethical Union" (IHEU)

The "Council for Secular Humanism" is another large group dedicated to humanism

The "Movimiento Humanista Evolucionario Cubano: (Cuban Evolutionary Humanist Movement) has a short essay giving an overview of Humanism at:

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