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Ontario consultants on Religious Tolerance
no slant, lots of links and info on all religions. amazing site about religion, with over 650 essays.

religion canada
"Information and Resource Providers in Religious Studies & Theological Education Religion Canada is about quality."

Canadian Society for the Study of Religion
La Société canadienne pour l'étude de la religion

a lot of well rounded links for enthusiasts and scholars alike

Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada
"promotes teaching, research, and scholarship in the humanities and social sciences and a better understanding of the importance of such work for Canada and the world. It values the advancement and dissemination of knowledge; it favours a work environment that promotes unimpeded research and teaching; it holds the conviction that knowledge, freedom, and democracy cannot thrive without one another."

Churches in Canada
a listing of church home pages in Canada, broken down by province

Nurel (New Religions)
provides reliable information about groups that are often called "cults, sects, new religions, or [by] some similar name." The Web site "is not anti-cult, counter-cult, or pro-cult. It is an academic resource linked to the electronic journal/discussion group NUREL-L."

The Princeton Religion Research Center (PRRC)
is an interfaith, non-denominational research organization which specializes in creative, practical research, utilizing worldwide Gallup survey facilities.

is the most complete data base on Neo-Pagan religions, the Occult etc.

The Cult Awareness Network
was once an anti-cult group that spread misinformation and intolerance about minority religious groups. It was forced into bankrupcy because of their involvement in a brutal kidnapping. Their name, phone number and web site have been taken over by a totally new group: the Foundation for Religious Freedom. They promote religious tolerance and are run by a multi-faith board. They have a toll-free telephone number (800-556-3055) and an e-mail address ( where people can request accurate information about any religious group. They have a list of over 100 qualified religious scholars as backup. They have access to qualified volunteer mediators.

monitors sources of hate literature on the Web and throughout North American culture.
In 1998-JAN, they started a moderated mailing list: hatewatch-l. (The "l" is a lower-case "L"). It is "dedicated to discussing issues surrounding the growth and influence of hate groups on the Internet. This listserv also acts as a forum to discuss concrete measures to combat and contain online bigotry." They fight all types of hatred - whether based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. To subscribe send an Email to: Put the word subscribe in the body of the message; leave the subject line blank. Off-topic postings are not allowed. Originators of abusive postings will be removed.

an enormous list of religious resources online

promotes understanding of all faiths, religions and philosophies and encourages an open exchange of beliefs. It is their hope that this will help disarm interfaith conflicts. They oppose "antis": people who attack other religions, and who promote religious conflict and hatred.

A list of inter-faith groups:

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