Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

International Atheistic Secular Humanist Conspiracy
[Canada Division]

- Religious Atheisms - a Guide for the Compleat Atheist
sources according to Christianity, classical atheists, liberation theology, and religious atheists. Scott's Organized Religion Page - A wry look at the festering evil that is organized religion.

Ariel's Piece of Heaven
a site relating to ex-Jewish atheists.

Large Index of ATHEISM related internet resources created by Nerd World Media.

The Atheism Web: Freethought organizations

The Left Hemisphere
site contains dozens of links to various skeptical religious and secular sites

information on Atheism, Christianity and the SubGenius Church. It contains many links to atheism home pages, including a list of famous atheists and some of their writings

The Internet Infidels site maintains the Secular Web. The infidels promote secularism, give access to various secular organizations, books and periodicals update readers with news of attacks on basic freedoms by religious groups
They have a section on atheism at:

American Atheists

The American Rationalist promotes rationalism: "The mental attitude which unreservedly accepts the supremacy of reason and aims at establishing a system of philosophy and ethics verifiable by experience, independent of all arbitrary assumptions or authority."

The Net Atheists maintains an enormous list of hundreds of web pages by Atheists at:

a rather humorous anti-theistic, atheist webzine

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