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X  MUFON Canada
ufo study by The Mutual UFO Network of Ontario

X  The Canadian UFOlogist
published bi-monthly by The Mutual UFO Network of Ontario. online articles available.

X  Center for UFO Studies
this is their section on the UFO history of Canada

X  Alberta UFO Research Association (AUFORA)
news, photos, info, links, and more

X  Alberta UFO Study Group (AUFOSG)
"Alberta UFO Reports, Canadian UFO Sightings & Statistics, Best Canadian UFO Cases of 1997, Triangular UFO Reports, World UFO Reports, Crop Circles, Government UFO Files, Police UFO Sightings, Links to Other UFO and SETI Websites, Links To Current UFO News, Over 20 Pages To Visit."

"The functions of the group are to gather local (B.C.) sightings, investigate them as fully as possible, and to make the public aware of the phenomenon." site contains a history, reports, and other goodies.

X  Saskatchewan UFO and Paranormal Acitivity Survey (SUFOS)
keeping track of UFO sightings in saskatchewan.

X  Unidentified In Saskatchewan
"There have been thousands of sightings in Saskatchewan. Mostly in remote areas, farm land and Indian reservations. But some sightings have occurred in the cities of Saskatoon and Regina." a chronilogical look at ufo sightings in saskatchewan

X  Ufology Research of Manitoba
comes with the amusing disclaimer:"The University of Manitoba has nothing to do with UFO research and is in not responsible for the contents this page. Come to think of it, they probably have been wondering what to do about me for quite some time now."

X  Seekers Ufology Research Group
"a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and investigation of paranormal phenomenon." severely under construction.

X  Ontario MUFON
"In 1982, the Ontario MUFON chapter headed back then by Mr. Henry McKay, sponsored the 13th Annual UFO Symposium which included the presence of several Canadian speakers such as Arthur Bray, David Haisell, Henry McKay, Larry Fenwick and others. Their testimonies, available at this website, are a contribution to those of you searching for the truth."

X  Orbwatch
'"ORBWATCH" is the name of a group of "observers" which is currently monitoring the anomalous phenomena in the area of the western end of Lake Ontario, Southern Ontario, Canada.' their site contains video, images and information related to this, and is frequently updated.

X  Centre d'étude et d'information sur les phénomènes inexpliqués(CEIPI)
"sensibiliser chacun d'entre nous au fait de plus en plus évident qu'il existe une autre réalité que celle dans laquelle nous progressons tous les jours. "

X  Québec Insolite
"Informations sur les phénomènes étranges et membre du Réseau Parallèle" includes articles and examinations of such issues as crop circles and animal mutilations.

X  The Maritime UFO File
"A contact point for the reporting of UFO sightings or encounters." not much here yet.

X  Newfoundland UFO Research (NUFOR)
"In the interest of local research and to gather reports for submission to Ufology Research of Manitoba (UFOROM) for inclusion in their annual UFO Report, this web site was established. The intent is to collect data about UFO's viewed in Newfoundland and Labrador." a few reports so far.

X  Nova Scotia's X-Files
"a paranormal research organization based in Nova Scotia." not much here yet.

X  UFO Nova Scotia
history of UFO sightings in Nova Scotia, view pictures and drawings, and more.

X  UFO Phenomena in the NWT
a well done site that has interesting articles, documentation, etc.

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