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Canadian Coalition Against The Death Penalty
"a non-profit, human rights organization dedicated to educating on alternatives to the death penalty worldwide, with a special focus on the U.S. and providing emotional and practical support to death row inmates, their families, and the families of murder victims." a vast resource. various sections include a penpals program as well as an enormous collection of anti-death penalty and prisoner links and resources.
Canadian Federal Inmates' and their Families' Web Site
This is a Canadian Site dedicated to assisting Canadian Federal Prisoners and their Families / loved one's. The first question is : are all Canadian Prisoners / Inmates terribly dangerous and bad people ? Certainly not because many different kinds of people get in trouble with the law.
The Jurist
legal information and updates
Supreme Court of Canada
offers access to the full-text of Supreme Court of Canada judgments and is searchable.
British Columbia Superior Courts Home Page
gives "the public and the media timely access to reasons for judgments (on the Internet)"... and "information on the British Columbia Superior Courts. Anyone can view and/or download the contents of a judgment in a generic text format. This format can be imported by almost any word processor for editing."
ACJNet - Access to Justice Network
"an electronic community that brings together people, information, and educational resources on Canadian justice and legal issues. It uses new technologies to create and distribute products and services and to facilitate broad base consultations. ACJNet is the only nationwide service dedicated to making law and justice resources available to all Canadians in either official language."
Department of Justice of Canada
"The Department helps the federal government to develop policy and to make and reform laws as needed. At the same time, it acts as the Government's lawyer, providing legal advice, prosecuting cases under federal law, and representing the Government in court."
Virtual Canadian Law Library
links to various Canadian legal resources
SEE Magazine
article on hepatitis C infections in Canadian prisons.
AIDS: The Prison Epidemic
a collection of interviews and programs at the CBC site focusing on this issue.
Correctional Service of Canada
their website includes information and online publications.
"a networking tool and a library of information for organizations and individuals addressing prisons and related justice issues. Among many other services, JusticeNet provides complete internet access, including email, World Wide Web, and gopher. It distributes regular news, updates, alerts, and analysis about prison, police, and other justice issues. In addition, JusticeNet offers on-site training and equipment for grassroots organizations."
DNA- The Silent Witness
among other things, a look at DNA in the legal system and how it is being used to clear wrongful convictions.

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