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patriotism is something bottled up inside many of us Canadians without a means of release. We have events like the Canada Day Celebration in which we burst out in song and dance celebrating who we are. Unlike our American neighbors, however, we do not commonly hang the Maple Leaf from our rooftops and our Prime Minister does not go around viciously attacking other countries in the name of Democracy.

      Now with the internet anyone can be a patriot in a virtual little world of their own. People organize themselves and promote Canada online in order to help things like unity and our own quirky Canadian Way. The internet gives Canadians the chance to be as outlandishly patriotic as we want to be.

Information Based Sites

New Canadian Organization (NCO)
This organization has a simple objective: "to not support any of the big box American chain companies doing business in Canada." They have put up an essay which outlines why Canadians should support Canadian business because there is no reason to support the American economy. American businesses are killing smaller Canadian owned and operated ones. They give a listing of a few American companies we should stop supporting.

Proud To Be Canadian Campaign Headquarters
Dave and Roy Clark have put this site together which has several purposes: "The first is to indicate to the world all the web sites on the internet that are Canadian. The second purpose is to help educate Canadians on the history of the Country and issues relevant to her citizens. I also endorse National Unity and Loyalty to our wonderful Country." Their site will be bilingual as soon as someone will donate time to translate it into French for them. Mostly the site is full of links to things of importance to Canadians like our history and stuff.

Canada Rocks the World
"There is tons to learn, look at, laugh at, and do here! It's like Disneyworld, you can't see everything in one visit. (Unlike Disneyworld, it is 100% CANADIAN and you are not going to wait in line for 2hrs to ride Space Mountain.)" Home to the Cool Canadian Award, Trivia, and other fun stuff it's available in English and French.

Cool To Be Canadian Web Site
"Cool to be Canadian is a private, federally chartered non-profit organization devoted to encouraging Canadians - particularily young ones - to volunteer, participate, invent, create and generally have fun celebrating our diversity as Canadians."

Canadian Monarchist Online
Dedicated to Canada keeping the Monarchy this site is filled with Monarchy related arguments, information and photos.

Dominion Day
"Welcome to the official website dedicated to the celebration of Canada's true national holiday. This July 1st, show your true patriot love by letting everyone know what it is that we as Canadians are celebrating and wishing them all a happy Dominion Day." This site has a little write up on Dominion Day.

Canada's Ultimate Page
A whole host of stuff ranging from Canadian Inventions to What Makes Canadians So Great.

Canadian World Domination!
"the General Headquarters of the Campaign for Canadian World Domination. Your future tyrants are General Claire and General Jenny. The Generals are Canadians who are taking over the world and re-designing it to suit their aims. We will accomplish this goal by:

  • The systematic destruction and sublimation of all opposing the Canadian reign -- and the polite, yet horrifically brutal, control of our future territories of conquest.
  • Infiltrating the USA and through a cleverly designed plan, destroying it, and using its resources for our own purposes.
  • Demonstrating to the world that Canada is the final and ultimate power.
  • Decontaminating the world of American influence.
  • Reorganizing a New World Society of Canucks to suit our kindly, peace-loving, and diabolical aims."

Jenn's List of Honourary Canadians
"You too may become an Honourary Canadian Citizen TM by filling out the simple questionnaire. Complete it today and enjoy the bonus welcome package including the ever so popular maple syrup and genuine snow shoes -- in addition to the FREE virtual health benefits, and freedom from prohibi, errr... The Communications Decency Act! "

Groups with no platform other than bringing Canadians together:

The Truly Canadian Web Site Club

Canadian Flag Clip Art Gallery
A huge collection of Canadian and Provincial flags of all sizes and styles

Awards promoting Canadian sites:

The Canuck Site of the Day
"This site was created to promote excellence in technology, design and content in Canada." Everday of the year almost they give this award out.

Cool Canadian Site of the Day

Canadian Cool Site of the Week

Canadian Internet Licensing Board
Not an award but a lot of sites wear it as a badge of honour.

Canadian Directories

Maple Square
"Cataloging Canada's Web Sites and Creating and Promoting Canadian Content." Their goal is to "create and promote Canadian content. We have succeeded in doing so by creating such content as our Canadian Directory/Search Engine..."

The Canada, Eh? Net Directory
"Showcasing the Best Canadian Family Safe Web Sites the Internet has to Offer!"

Proud To Be Canadian Web Group
A web directory of Canadian web sites.


Totally Canadian, Eh? Web Ring

Canadian Ring

Canadian Global Supremacy Ring

Super Canuck Ring

Cool Canadian Sites Webring

O Canada Ring!

Proud Canadian WebRing

Resource pages:

Canadiana- The Canadian Resource Page
Absolutely gigantic listing of links to everything you wanted to know about Canada.

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