X  Atomic Cartoons
more wacky cartoons from some creative canucks.

X  Happyclown Inc.
a "firm devoted to using a fresh and new approach to Corporate Communications." humorous corporate analysis.

X  idio-audio
"Independent And Experimental Music Online." contains archives, photos, etc.

X  Idiosyntactix Culture Jammers' Encyclopedia
archival documentation and links on everything from anarchy to vandalism.

X  Idiosyntactix Strategic Arts and Sciences Alliance
"dedicated purveyors of Independant Culture, Irreverance, and Community Building since 1995!" home base of all Idiosyntactix projects.

X  Jeff Koftinoff's GRAND Canal, NAFTA, and Quebec-Canadian Conspiracy Pages
email him and tell him to update.

X  M C POIRIER Art Studio

X  Canadian Web In Review
"This is a site dedicated to Canadian Webmasters.
We offer free links and comprehensive reviews to any Canadian web site. On this site you will find a web directory of fine Canadian web sites, tools and information for Webmasters, current news, and a bit of fun."

X  The Canadian Web
"This is a Canadian Web Portal to a large Canadian Directory, News, and Internet Security Issues. This site is for Canadian Web surfers or those wanting to learn more about the Canadian identity on the Internet."

X  Canadian World Domination
"Your future tyrants are General Claire and General Jenny. The Generals are Canadians who are taking over the world and re-designing it to suit their aims."

X  The Coaster Enthusiasts of Canada
"For the utmost information on Canadian Parks & Rides, Past & Present, see our In-House articles. Here you will also find tips on Park Outings, Preventing Motion Sickness, Getting Newbies to Ride, and Much More. There is also a section of world's and other fairs on The CEC Midway."


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