X  Bourque Newswatch
links to tons of online newspapers, pundits, and related resources.

X  Canada Newswire
breaking news.

X  Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
cbc online, cbc4kids, infoculture, radio, newsworld, and more.

X  Canoe- Canadian Online Explorer
canada news, sports, entertainment, finance and business news

X  My Canadian News
a nonprofit, nonpartisan site focussing on canadian news - particularly the vancouver leaky condo scandal.

X  The Newfoundland Confederate
"a satirical magazine based in St. John's Newfoundland. The wildly successful print version spawned this weekly online edition."

X  North Central Internet News
find out what's going on in saskatchewan.

X  Our Press
canadian weekly news satire

X  The Reviewer/Pica Press
"the last letterpress printed newspaper in Canada. Besides being produced in such an antiquated method, "The Reviewer" is a newspaper that pulls no punches when it comes to reporting the news that affect its' readers."

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