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X  from the canadian content article

X  Health Canada's Regulations on Industrial Hemp
Contains a number of downloadable reports.

X  Canada's Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
A downloadable copy is available on this page (scroll down the alphabetical listings)

X  North American Industrial Hemp Council
Tons of quick facts and information, including historical papers, membership, mission, happenings, news, resources, businesses, legislation, economics, bast fibers, seed, food, pulp & paper, and photos.

X  Commercial Hemp Magazine
Online version of the magazine.

X  hemp Canada
"hemp Canada is an information resource service for the growing commercial hemp industry. Our goals are to assist people intereted in industrial hemp find who or what they're looking for, and to help the industry grow commercially by exposing its componant wonders to the world."

X  Canadian Organic Growers
"COG is a national information network for organic farmers, gardeners and consumers. Founded in 1975, we are a federally incorporated registered charity. Our mandate is to be a leading organic information and networking resource for Canada, promoting the methods and techniques of organic growing along with the associated environmental, health and social benefits."

X  Hempline Inc.
"Hempline is Canada's leading producer of high-quality hemp fibre for textiles. The company began production in June 1998, at its Delaware, Ontario facility; the first state-of-the-art hemp fibre separation line to produce premium fibre in North America since the 1950s."

X  manitoba dept of agriculture
Manitoba produces thousands of high quality agriculture and food products for satisfied customers all over the world. And the industry is continually discouvering new production and processing opportunities in: Field and forage crops horticultural crops livestock

X  PsiBear (hemp stuff)
a variety of information on hemp from many perspectives.

X  The Hemp Industries Association
Information about the hemp industry around the world and links to various places that are HIA members.

X  Links to articles about industrial hemp.
Full of great articles, facts and information sheets on hemp growing around the world- past and present.

X  HempBC Online
"Advocate, Distributor and Retailer of Fine Cannabis Goods"

"Our primary mission is to provide accurate and unbiased information about cannabis, marijuana, & hemp to the public."

X  HempWorld
"HempWorld, The International Hemp Journal, is the only "capitalist tool" devoted to the modern hemp industry. HempWorld's mission is to provide a media forum for hemp entrepreneurs, and to help nurture the industry back into the mainstream economy." online issues available.

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