DEW lines

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X  The Early Warning Connection (Cold War Era)
"This site is our attempt to make it easier for everyone interested in Early Warning history to find the resources that are available. We hope, as the word gets around, that more and more of you will bookmark these pages and use them as your Early Warning home on the Internet."

X  Annex F - Post World War II Radar in Defence of Canada
From the Communications and Electronics Branch of the Ministry of Defense Web site.

X  DEW Line dome enroute to Inuvik
A picture of a DEW line dome that has been renovated for the future.

X  Ed Picco
Ed Picco, M.L.A. of Iqaluit, N.W.T.'s appeal to parliament on the $100 milliion agreement with the U.S.

X  The NWT Archives Photographic Database
Do a search on "DEW line" and view 161 images of DEW line sites.

X  Government of the Northwest Territories Search
Do a search on "DEW line" and read the transcripts of the bickering that went on concerning the DEW line in the Northwest Territories government.

X  Qikiqtaaluk Corporation
One of the companies that has been contracted to clean up the DEW line sites.

X  The North Warning System
Larry Wilson has compiles lots of photos and info.

X  US Military Bases in Eastern Canada
links to the DEW Line sites etc

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