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When the Birds Hit the Windows, pt. 2

Mick Poirier

the birds had started hitting the windows with dismaying frequency, even with the glass soaped to eliminate reflections. The squirrels regularly missed their jumps and fell to the ground, stunned. By June, 1999, most of the usual small wildlife had left the area and many of the field flowers were gone. As were the butterflies and the ladybugs; the snakes and the toads that worked my organic garden. In the garden itself, for the second year in a row, my carrot and lettuce crops failed to germinate and the cucumbers that did grow gave a poor and misshapen crop. The life forms around me were affected, but nothing specific seemed to be wrong.

Light aircraft flying low over the area eight to ten times a day, from February and on through the summer, dropped bands of particles, five or six inches wide, separated by gaps of about half an inch. The foliage got increasingly shiny and rain formed very large, iridescent drops that glittered in even the faintest light. A slick liquid appeared on everything at ground level, like a fine silicone lubricant. On the skin, it created a teflon-like coating that penetrated eyes, ears, sinuses, and throat; and it wouldn't come off with soap or detergent. This skin got very hot very fast when exposed to sunlight, painfully so. Above the blocked upper sinuses, temple-area "hot spots" formed, especially on the right side of my head which now felt thick and foreign.

A noticeable increase in the electro-magnetic charge at ground level, felt as a tingle on the lower legs, dragged at my body like glue. I had the house electrical grounding system checked: it was fine, very good even. Yet, the house was in a high electro-magnetic field which fell to nothing suddenly at its perimeters. Like the circle of light from a stage spotlight, except this circle was close to one thousand feet across. The electrical charge in the house went way up, tripping ground fault circuit interrupt outlets to the "off" position with nothing plugged into them; creating surges in operation of anything that was on; and, turning the air in the kitchen into a blue haze of electro-magnetic charge. I got very ill from this, my heart beating at an impossible rate and my brain trying to push its way out that temple-area hotspot, my body and emotions washed in a hideous sensation of coming apart at the cellular level.

Chemical bonds in the house were broken by the charge and everything became gummy. The many paintings in my studio lost their surface shine, stripped of the polymers and resins that give pigments their glow. The shine disappeared from the floor tiles, the coffee maker, and any varnished or plastic object. The windows became impossible to get clean without hard scrubbing and they soon were filmed over with whatever was being deposited on them. The only respite was when others visited, or when I went outside the charged zone, down to the creek, and grounded my body in the wet earth of its banks.

My neighbour down the road became ill with a disabling vertigo that took months to get under medical control. Another neighbour couple, and their four children, got coated with this stuff: gummy when wet, waxy when dry, and impossible to fully remove. Green food colouring stained the "teflon'd" areas, which we got down to that last unremovable coat with yogurt scrubs. We hid the horror under a game of "green skinned people" for the children's sake. I used ice to cool my temple-area "hot spots"; the kids used bags of frozen peas.

I watched a chipmunk run for a hole in the shed door, big enough for a groundhog to go through. He missed and smashed into the thick wood. That's when I started putting it together: the high electrical charge; the electro-sensitive stuff on the skin, whatever it was; the vertigo; the muscular difficulties; tiredness; and the animals' unusual problems. That's when I got two large bags of hydrated lime and dug holes to put it in and to fill with water, to reduce the charge at ground level. But, my efforts gave short-lived results: within a few hours, the charge would come back up. Even an old surface well didn't ground the excess electrical charge longer than a day or so.

At the end of June, 1999, I was tracked while visiting away from my home, by a man in a deep royal blue van. A circular radar-like antenna rotated on the roof of the van, which was kept hidden behind the lilac hedge. I went into the woods and lay down in a wet, swampy hollow. I was soon found. For four hours, some sort of scanner was used on the front of my body, leaving red marks in splotchy patterns, and burns where the beam was focused more strongly. I came out of the woods after the arrival of a search party forced the tracker to move off. I gave a full report to the police officer present and was taken to emergency in an ambulance.

At the mention of the word "laser", I was shunted off to emergency-room observation.. No physical examination was done. The next day, I was seen for a first-time evaluation by the hospital psychiatrist, who after less than ten minutes, with still no physical examination, announced the great advances made in modern medicine which enabled him to prescribe a medication which would protect me from lasers and energies of all kinds. (Risperdal - which I refused). One can airily dismiss subjective phenomena; one cannot so easily erase motor vehicles, with or without rotating antennas. The interpretation of the marks on my body as "poison ivy" was proven wrong the next morning: no itching, red blotches gone. Only the burns remained. At my insistence, a physical examination of my face was done and the points of pain left by the piercing of the sinuses and palate were located, out of sight inside the cheek.

Since then, repeated pulsings have destroyed my jaw tendons and ligaments, making eating a problem and speech difficult; created pathways for bacterial penetration into my sinuses resulting in two major infections needing antibiotic treatment and created a cyst at the point of damage; chipped the underside of a molar necessitating its extraction; and, kept my body in a state of high electro-magnetic charge necessitating a constant alertness, repeated electrical grounding and frequent ice packs to lower the temperature of the crown and temple area hotspots. All these actions increase and intensify when I succeed in getting the information out and in alerting people to what is going on.

And I can tell you about all the research I've done looking for how and why and what; looking for documented realities that explain my actualities; about finding out that there are thousands of people all over the world who are living similar realities.

How appalling and incredible, yet real, the capabilities and easy availability of lasers, laser scanners, infrared remote viewing by satellite, ultrasound fault detection equipment that can be used to create shock waves and bubbles of air in tissues, electromagnetic pulsers, remote generation of radiation by lasers, equipment that can increase electrical flow in house outlets from a distance and charge up objects and people, extremely low frequency signals that bring anesthesia at 700 Hertz and death at lower frequencies, and more, much more.

How appalling and incredible that these would be used against humanity for any reason, yet how very real that there are always elements in a society that do exactly that. That such activities require extensive funding and wide collusion, even if achieved by infiltration, is obvious. That modern technology permits these actions from anywhere on the planet to anywhere else on the planet is more than frightening.

Another young man committed suicide in August, 1999. Before he hung himself, he told a friend that there was no-one who could help him because no-one would believe him. Neither of these suicide victims knew about lasers, or the internet or research sites and documented similar occurrences elsewhere. Neither had heard of "psychotronics", or "non-lethal weapons". They didn't know you can buy a "Black Widow" or a "Miranda" or a "Myotron" on the open market and use them to turn another's intestines to mush, blind him, make him see things and hear things. That you can use a construction industry ultrasound fault detection scanner to kill another, or create shock waves to push him around. About the whining, clicking and popping produced in the ears by infrasound and ultrasound. About MASERs and microwave technologies. About the devastating effects of increased electro-magnetic charge in the body.

They didn't know that another can sit at his monitors and consoles and observe their every move from the comfort of his reclining chair, occasionally hitting a switch or rotating a dial, when the 'show' gets too boring or there are spectators to impress, or sell to. That, like a baboon, his torturer doesn't even need to understand nuclear satellites or gyroscope-controlled tracking systems: it can all be computerized, including the information coming in; and, any adjustments automatically done by the same systems that send man to the moon. That a traitor can play 'god' as easily as a dedicated scientist, and will.

It's too late to help these young men, to restore their confidence and trust, both in their own capabilities and in the support systems of our culture. May the hell of not knowing be replaced by factual reports and public awareness. Then maybe the birds that hit the windows won't be your friends, your neighbours, your family, or your self.

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Mick Poirier is an artist and published writer:

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