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Wilson Manifesto archive

adam Wilson's ongoing manifesto.

You're an Original, Baby: Pt 1
"The parents couldn't ever decide whether or not to choose one name or two. They knew that they would be ridiculed and looked down upon no matter how many names they chose. So, they decided on one name for the two of them..."

Wiarton Willie: Friendly weather prognosticator or mass murderer?
"You know you live in a small town when the talk of the town is what happened to Willie (a famous groundhog) and his decoys (two not-so-famous decoys)..."

The Fine Art of the One-Hit Wonder
"The local watering hole was literally a hole. But it was our hole. We all swore up and down how much we hated that place, but we always went there. Secretly, we all loved it because it brought a big group of us together and we would have a great time together for a few hours before going home, sleeping it off, waking up Sunday with a hangover, and going to school Monday and recollecting stories about how hammered you were Saturday night..."

A Public Declaration of a War
"There's something about handwriting that makes the writing seem more magical. That, and when you can't afford a laptop, writing on the go has to be done on something..."

The Wilson Manifesto: The Movie -- Special Edition DVD
"Now, if you choose, watch the feature film. It has a running time of 91 minutes and is rated R for violence, nudity and sexually deviant scenes. If you live in Quebec, you should return this movie to your video store immediately. It is banned in your province..."

How it all works?

Crazy Little Thing Called...

Whatever happened to Pong?

Rarities & B-sides: Vol. 1 - A Collection - Or, Long Time, No See, Mr. Whatsisname

*batteries not included 2 & All Good Things...

Remember That Time When I Developed A Sitcom

Those Damn Devils

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