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Stephen Gowans archive

In Iraq, the word for US profits is caucuses
"Washington is balking at demands that direct elections be held to select a provisional government in Iraq, because it fears the "moderates" it backs won't win, imperiling its plans to make over the country as a Middle East model of free markets, free trade and free enterprise, thoroughly ensconced in the US economic orbit..."

Winners and losers
"I once irritated a group of peace activists by claiming that war has big winners..."

From 'Bowling for Columbine' to 'Wesley Clark's Concubine'
"I was wondering how filmmaker Michael Moore would react to the avalanche of criticism, outrage, and shock set off by his paean to retired General Wesley Clark, the ex-Supreme Commander of NATO forces in Europe, who's thrown his hat into the ring for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination..."

U.S. doesn't do peace
"Damn North Koreans. They're at it again, rigidly making demands for, ugh!, peace..."

History made me do it
"When you're in trouble on the specifics, fall back on high-sounding ambiguities. Good advice if you've just led your country into war on dubious grounds, and people are awakening to the possibility that they've been misled..."

The Garbage Collector
"They never collected much pay, and the work was smelly and hard and vile. And then one day, a guy who drove to work in an expensive car, with air conditioning, and sat in a cushy chair that cost a few hundred dollars, did what other guys who drive to work in expensive cars, with air conditioning, and sit all day in cushy chairs do – he figured out how to lower costs..."

Shame on Us
"Countries like Iran and North Korea, targets of virtual declarations of war by Washington (they've been called part of an "axis of evil" by a country that says it plans to wage war indefinitely), are justifiably worried. It would make sense for them to scramble to build a nuclear deterrent. And if the US can possess a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons, why not other countries?..."

Comical Donnie and the Hunt for Banned Weapons
"In other words, maybe a few shells here that could have carried biological weapons, a pesticide factory there that could have produced chemical weapons. A far cry from the nasty banned weapons that were said to be sitting on a shelf waiting to be deployed..."

This is what war looks like
"But apparently the Geneva Conventions only prohibit the photographing of American and British prisoners of war, because staring me in the face is the AP photograph of Iraqi prisoners of war. Rumsfeld and other "international leaders" aren't incensed about that..."

Enough is enough

Where profit is king, who cares about fighting a pandemic?

Thomas Axworthy: Mass Murder Is Moral

Getting the Media Warmongers Before They Get Us

Steve Earle, A Real Hero

America's Virtue: Mollycoddling the Rich

Why Terror Stalks Israelis

Would you buy RC Cola from Bob Rae?

Drive by smearings on the road to Baghdad

Know anyone who approves of 9/11?

Hurray for Privatization

Peace on Earth?

Few willing to say they’re for what this war is really about

What it really means to be for this war

Selling liberties for security

Made in the U.S.A.

Whatever you've been told, this is not what democracy looks like

Why Monte Solberg's name should be added to Roget's Thesaurus

A gusher of profits around the corner

Canadians should ask questions about Milosevic's transfer to The Hague and Canada's role in the war against Yugoslavia

It can't happen here

Fairness in school funding? It's just not on

What slavery did for Moustapha

Canada and Cuba: In some ways not so different

Who's doing the coping?

Putting Missiles Ahead of Feeding People

Everything is Similar (and Different) in Some Ways -- Even US and Nazi Foreign Policy

How do you spell Vichy? C-A-N-A-D-A

The Pimply Idea of School Choice

The Era of Big Government is Still with Us - But it isn't Helping Anyone You Know

The Root of All Evil: Money? How About Obedience?

Scrooge's Redemption Extinguished by Oxygen of the Economy

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