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here are articles we've printed in canadian content since we changed format. the date in brackets is the date the article appeared in cancon. click on the article title to read on:

Bad Language in the Workplace (or Why Bill Gates Sux)
"Snaring the odd typo in my morning paper is something of a daily ritual for me and a photo caption in the Star identified a person in the "centre" of a photo caused me to smirk into my cereal bowl. Spelling gaffes were the easiest to spot...."
by Valerie Poulin

Terrorism Futures
"The idea of 'Terrorism Futures' has reared its ugly head once again, though many of us may have missed the debate the first time, perhaps dismissing articles on the subject as National Enquirer stories that had somehow snuck onto the pages of our daily newspapers..."
by Ryan Johnson

An Ohio Yankee in The Great White North
"Having been born and raised in Ohio (for my not-so-educated Canadian friends, that's in the USA), I am a "red, white, and blue"-blooded Midwesterner. My childhood memories include Fourth of July fireworks, blue ribbon county fairs, and school closings on "snow days" or dead presidents' birthdays..."
by Julie Donner Andersen

Where Have All the Protest Songs Gone?
"Like the Sixties, there is a strong anti-war sentiment is beginning to take shape, as evidenced by the protests held worldwide on January 18 and February 15. However, unlike the sixties when protest songs provided the soundtrack to the demonstrations, today's Rock and Roll drums of peace seem oddly quiet..."
by John-Paul Bruno

Special Report: U.S. Drinking Water Spiked With Maple Syrup!
"Americans still consider Canada as the unofficial Fifty-First State. Meanwhile, the United States is enjoying the fruits of a culture that have well-established roots in Canadian soil..."
by Wendell Quan Fun

Canada: Only Good for the Living
"Canada is a wonderful country for living, but perhaps not so good for dying - unless you take measures to keep vultures at bay upon your demise..."
by Pertti T. Räty

Hunting for Clones
"I'm a PI with an odd speciality. Science is my beat. There isn't much work so I hate to turn away a paying client..."
by Dennis Chute

Inspiration from the top: Observations on the president addressing the nation
"Millions of Americans settle into their couches with bowls of popcorn, bags of potato chips, and diet cola. They enjoy the color pictures on the evening news report of bombs exploding in Afghanistan. Pictures of explosions are always popular in America, no matter what their meaning or origin..."
by John Chuckman

Some Perspective on the War against Terror
"How well I remember the first terrifying words in our press. They were terrifying because they did not report, did not analyze, but only incited rage. It was the beginning of the murderous, pointless war in Vietnam, the bloodiest part of a postwar "crusade" against communism, and the headlines and editorials screamed about "Reds" at the gates..."
by John Chuckman

A Future in the Face of Cultural Cuts
"Another Canadian institution has gone the way of the dodo. To serve the bottom line, Saturday Night magazine was recently closed by the National Post under their new owners CanWest Global. CanWest also did away with the arts, sports and Toronto sections of The Post. This has been a shocking loss of voices on our national landscape..."
by Trudy Chapman

Reacting to Tragedy
An examination of tragedy both personal and national, looking at both the near drowning of a child and the recent terrorism in New York
by Warren Kinsella

On the use of police power to suppress revolutionary movements
"The birth of the Independent Media Centre (IMC) around the anti-WTO protests in Seattle only two years ago was the uniting point of a growing movement of alternative media. It has used the Internet to bypass the barriers to entry that have traditionally kept independent media small and isolated..."
by Greg Macdougall

Who Am I?
"Sure, Myers-Briggs has me pegged today. I guess. Iím an INTJ. That sounds like a CIA classification for some sort of security threat. Beware of Dan, that "Mission Impossible" hacker..."
by Dan Lukiv

happy birthday, cancon
"with all the hassles of putting out an ezine i never thought we'd see it last this long..."
by james hörner

Canada's Pallid Democracy
"So, to all of you who are worrying about the Alliance's referenda proposal upsetting the apple-cart, don't. U.S.-style ballot initiatives, every much as open to being dominated by the wealthy as elections or day to day political decision-making, won't threaten in any way one of the most pallid democracies imaginable -- our own..."
by Stephen Gowans

Would Republicans for socialist change be any stranger?
"Only half-facetiously have I decided that one of the best ways to keep abreast of what's happening in the community of people who actually reject the dominant media view -- that we've all arrived in a golden era of sustained prosperity where all is almost as good as it possibly could be-- is to read the Ottawa Citizen..."
by Stephen Gowans

the word on the street
"nothing pulls readers out of their text induced hibernation better than an all-day festival of books and authors. especially when it is a sunny vancouver afternoon, with no chance of precipitation...."
by james hörner

Looking For the Fulcrum
"There is a great deal of stress that arises when trying to balance between street level radicalism and participation in traditional activities, when trying to both be a part of the life of dominant society and to stand as one of its critics..."
by Brian Burch

On the Anniversary of my Brother's Death
"That which does not kill you makes you stronger-who ever said that? How is that possible? Clearly it's not a reference to physical damage. Rarely do near fatal injuries ever result in making a person any physically stronger. So how is it that emotional damage that is so great that it crushes your very soul can eventually make you a stronger, better person?."
by Brigitte Sachse

Day Shuffle
"It may be the most tired political cliché in the industrialized world, but it is no less true: Mr. Day has merely shuffled the chairs around on the deck of his metaphorical Titanic. "
by Warren Kinsella

Snippets of My Past
How does a boy from San Francisco became a life long Expos fan?
by Justin Ward

Never To Speed Up Again
"Last weekend, I left the island where I live for the first time in a many weeks, to visit the city. The need had befallen me, following two wintery months of knowing nearly everybody I passed or ran into, to put myself in a situation where I would be surrounded by faces I didn't recognize and never would."
by Meg Holden

The Man
"He lay there on the side of the road and I knew that he was dead. His face awkwardly planted into the cement and his arm crudely bent underneath his body."
by Carol Devine

Archie Comics and the NRA
Last Saturday night I picked up the recent Jughead Double Digest #69. Upon reading the "Group Gripe" cartoon my eye was caught by some NRA propaganda.
by Peter Stewart

Dreaming of a Canadian Moose for the U.S.
I'm nobody, and I cannot afford a moose. But I read a little, tiny story in the Salt Lake paper about a herd of life-size moose in Toronto, and I got excited and had a wonderful dream before I found out they cost about $6000.
by Lee Ann Walker

little fish and the rally
i think when a citizen spends 25 big ones to practice their democratic right, the media could at least treat them as equal with the other candidates.
by james hörner

Working More Than Ever
"There are a lot of government initiatives out there to get people working. It seems like every week there is a newfangled web site which will help us all find the perfect job. There is a difference between 'a job' and a 'good job', however."
by Mark Davies

The Single Life Sucks
"To me there is nothing more depressing than coming home to a cold, quiet, empty apartment. I usually turn the TV set on for company right away..."
by Mark Davies

The Curriculum God
"Is curriculum a god? Zeus wasn't a real god on Mount Olympus, and curriculum isn't a real god on Mount Education."
by Dan Lukiv

Post Bias?
"When he turned his attention to the subject of newspapers, Mr. Black was blunt. Too much of what Canadian journalists and editors offer up to their readers reflected an inappropriate bias, he said: namely, a "mushy" leftist bias."
by Warren Kinsella

Off-The-Cuff Nationalism
"Only in Canada can a chicken that lives in a bag and a fake talking giraffe be considered an 'institution.'"
by Craig S. Lloyd

A Walk Down Memory Lane
"a look at some dramatic transformations in the educational system"
by Dan Lukiv

The Myth of US Taxes
"Even after the tax cuts announced in the 2000 federal budget, Canada's corporate leaders have continued to berate the federal government over its supposedly high taxation rates..."
by Dylan Reid

Prohibition Doesn't Work - Legalize It
"I smoke pot. I've smoked it for a number of years. Lots of people I know smoke it too. The recent police busts made on various Vancouver homes have gotten us all talking about the prohibition of marijuana again."
by Sheila Graves

I Am Barely Canadian
"I could proudly fly my country's flag, but like everyone else I don't. I believe in doing business with dictatorships, not peacekeeping; diversity, not assimilation, unless of course we can preach one and do the other..."
by james hörner

Making Better Babies? The Ethics of High-Tech Birthing
"In this era of the Human Genome Project, bio-engineering, and the exponentially expanding growth of science as a panacea for all that ails us, it comes as no surprise to learn of the research currently being done in the realm of childbirth"
by james hörner

A Community Together
"The phone starts ringing off the hook as soon as the news reaches Canada...Filiz Tumer stares at a computer screen at the names of the dead and hospitalized. Her answering machine will fill to capacity today, and every day until the phone lines overseas are restored. Tumer found out early, at 10 p.m. on the same day as the quake"
by Steve Shaffer

Curious Contrasts
"It was always a treat touring multi-million dollar mansions on The Bridal Path. Amazing architectural wonders and discreet Tudor style homes were anchored on large, lavish lots. Splendid trees, willows, maples, and evergreens hugged the properties and hung over the boulevards."
by Linda Kent

The Other "American" Star System
"Canada is in many respects a very strange country. Particularly when it comes to the question of self-definition versus our American neighbors. "
by Yvan Petitclerc

Free Trade, not Forced Trade: How to Settle Seattle
"Now that the fallout from the turbulent World Trade Organization conference in Seattle at the end of 1999 has started to settle, it is time to sit back and analyze exactly what it was that created such discord"
by Dylan Reid

The Ecology of Buddhism
"As I learn more in school, I can't help but become aware that there are amazing similarities between the fundamentals of ecology and the fundamentals of certain religions."
by Mushroom Cloud Nine

When Did We Become a Man-Hating Society?
"After two years of saying that we need to change the way men are portrayed in the television media, someone, finally someone else out there agrees with me"- a look at this controversial topic
by Jeremy Baillie

When the Birds Hit the Windows
"On November 24th, 1999, the man that lived in the second house on the other side of the river took out his rifle and shot himself. I want to tell you about the things that are going on that could push a man to such an act"
by Mick Poirier

A Little Gonzalez for Everybody
"There is only one of him, and he's just six years old. You wouldn't know that to be the case if you've been less than attentive to the news lately"
by Robert Marcom

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